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Gefunden: Artemis Trail 5

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This one was different from the others. We searched fairly long but did not find anything. Neither in the place where the hint pointed nor anywhere else.
We were then spotted by muggles who turned out to be other geocachers from Germany. Greetings to Team ww-yogi. So we held a little Mini-Event or "Klönschnack" as we say in germany.
Fortuanately I had my extended geocaching maintenance kit in my rucksack and found a 35mm filmcanister and some logsheets, which we decided to place in the hiding where the hint points. I hope this is in accordance with the owner, but you might want to check.

thank you for taking us here
Owner: The Platonas Two
Typ: traditional
D/T: 1/1.5
Land: Zypern
Koordinaten : N 34° 55.616 E 032° 51.823
Gelegt: 09.05.2010
Status: ok
Gefunden: 17.05.2012