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Gefunden: Cabo Girão

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WOW! For someone who is afraid of heights like me this is a fierce experience. The head knows the platform will carry you but your feeling does not trust it. But after a while I was able to really enjoy this place. I even found a nice turtle
As we were not sure if we understood the cache description correctly and were not able to download a spoiler picture we counted all glasses and calculated all possibilies. We decided for one of the possibilities, but did not find the box. After rereading the cache description, we found out that there was a trailhead coordinate, so we started our way there and then it was no problem to find the really nice hiding of the cache.

thank you for taking us here and the wonderful cache
GCId: GC48P35
Owner: JMRodriguez
Typ: multi
D/T: 2.5/3
Land: Portugal
Region: Arquipélago da Madeira
Koordinaten : N 32° 39.425 W 017° 0.285
Gelegt: 12.04.2013
Status: ok
Gefunden: 21.12.2013