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Gefunden: Mulus Ferreus

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Today we decided to drive up the wonderful westcoast street and find some boxes that we haven't found yet.
We were not amused about the idea of searching a nano in this exposed position. But today there was a bicycle race an no one really no one payed attention to what we were doing there.
With the help of the hint we were finally able to spot the box and retrieve it. Unfortunately the logbook is full and we had no replacement with us. We can send a photograph on request to proof that we really found it.

thank you for taking us here
Owner: sven2706
Typ: traditional
D/T: 4/1.5
Land: Spanien
Region: Islas Baleares
Koordinaten : N 39 39.214 E 002 29.002
Gelegt: 15.04.2012
Status: ok
Gefunden: 26.04.2014