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Gefunden: O Ascensor da Glória / The Glory Funicular

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To get some springtime feeling we went round Canary islands, Portugal and Spain with AIDAbella.

AIDAbella stopped in Lisbon today. We decided to walk round the city and find some geocaches. It was a good idea because we found many wonderful places and enjoyed wonderful views and impressions of this great city.

This one was really funny. With jumping coordinates we tried to consult the hint but found it too difficult to translate, we just had the decription in our GPS devices. So I made some assumptions about the objects where to box could be hidden. But both objects I assumed possible were occupied by muggles watching the Ascensor. After waiting some time I had the chance to scan one of them and LuckyMe I had the box in my hands. Great hiding.

thank you for taking us here
greetinx from Hamburg, Germany
Owner: rifkindsss
Typ: traditional
D/T: 2/2.5
Land: Portugal
Region: Lisboa
Koordinaten : N 38° 42.951 W 009° 8.582
Gelegt: 20.08.2005
Status: disabled
Gefunden: 15.03.2013