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Gefunden: THE RADAR

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Since the beginning of our holidays dimib wanted to go for this cache. I did not really understand why but if he wishes to ...
So today we drove up the road into the mountains and were fairly surprised about the views. I am not sure which I like more, Troodos or these mountains they both have their very own spirit.
The street navigation of our OSM powered GPS devices lead us directly on the "forbidden" road to the gate of the radar station and said "only 30metres to the cache". This was impossible. As we did not have the impression that there was anybody inside the guardpost we took some pictures of the fantastic scenic views then drove down to the entrance of E4 path. We parked our car there with remorse, fearing that the police will wait for us when we will come back.

The path to the cache is really not one of my favourites because I am afraid of heights and the path was my personal hell. The panoramic view nevertheless are breathtaking and I diverted myself with taking pictures. We searched for the box for a quite long time because I myself was not able to climb up or down, I only could direct dimib "look here, look there" and finally we made it.
apart from the log of FTF of brandisour there is another log in the logbook which does not appear online here. So we are second to find or third to find depending from your point of view. Wondering why nobody else is going for this cache, the scenic views deserve a favorite point.

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thank you for taking us here and greetinx from Hamburg
Owner: KOTSIOS40
Typ: traditional
D/T: 2.5/2.5
Land: Zypern
Koordinaten : N 34 55.308 E 033 11.517
Gelegt: 31.10.2010
Status: ok
Gefunden: 18.05.2012