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Gefunden: Tochni Trail Two - Cache 5

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Today we decided to spend a day near our holiday home in Tochni. So going this trail seemed an appropriate plan for the day.
We got lost a little bit on our way between cache 4 and cache 5, so we took a kind of goat path and crossed a field to get on the road again.
Found the cache easy and in good condition.
We wanted to continue with the Tochni Trail One but it was not easy to find a way. At last we managed and continued on trail one so we had a perfect roundtrip

thank you for taking us here and greetinx from Hamburg
Owner: Cyprus Villages
Typ: traditional
D/T: 2/1.5
Land: Zypern
Koordinaten : N 34 48.303 E 033 19.178
Gelegt: 23.02.2012
Status: ok
Gefunden: 13.05.2012