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Gefunden: Zona-Velha

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To get some springtime feeling we went round Canary islands with AIDAbella.

AIDAbella stopped in Funchal today and it's my birthday so I wished to find many caches

We quickly found out what "object" to search for but were somehow unsure if we could do this, when a waiter asked "Foundit? Need a pen?" We burst out laughing and were not shy anymore.

but thank you for taking us here, very nice park.
greetinx from Hamburg, Germany
GCId: GC1B428
Owner: Harmen Gerke
Typ: traditional
D/T: 1/1.5
Land: Portugal
Region: Arquipélago da Madeira
Koordinaten : N 32° 38.861 W 016° 54.037
Gelegt: 11.04.2008
Status: archived
Gefunden: 13.03.2013