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Gefunden: [235] Casinhas de Santana [Madeira]

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As the weathter on the south coast today was not very good, we wanted to give a chance to the north coast.
We finally made it to Santana, and this box was kind of musthave here. It is not easy to grab because of the masses of muggles around but finally we were able to get it and retire for logging. Hiding again was even harder because there were even more muggles but somehow we managed when they were all looking to other directions.

thank you for taking us here and greetings from Hamburg
Owner: Team GeocacherZONE
Typ: traditional
D/T: 2/1.5
Land: Portugal
Region: Arquipélago da Madeira
Koordinaten : N 32° 48.342 W 016° 52.954
Gelegt: 14.05.2011
Status: ok
Gefunden: 27.12.2013